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From our fully equipped and specialized workshops we offer a range of services including:




We specialise in servicing all makes and models. Our comprehensive service schedules exceed the manufacturer's requirements and at a fraction of Main Dealer prices, starting from as little as £69, they are fantastic value for money. Our service options cater for all vehicle requirements, simply choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold. Contact us to make an appointment or book online today and 'experience the difference'.



MOT Testing

Since 1993 we have been approved by VOSA (Vehicle Operator Services Authority) to carry out M.O.T. testing to all cars and light commercial vehicles.

All vehicles must have a current M.O.T. certificate (VT20) after three years of new registration and then every year thereafter. The M.O.T. test involves checking over 200 items, but it is not a comprehensive in depth inspection. Items are checked and assessed only at time of test and not on their future condition.

If any items do not meet the requirements necessary, a failure is issued (VT30) detailing the components which have not met the standards set by VOSA. An advisory note (VT32) may be issued if the Nominated Tester wishes to inform the vehicle presenter about items which may require attention soon.

Once you register your details with us, you will receive a free reminder when your vehicle is due again next year, as well as a discounted MOT fee and news on any special offers and promotions.




Repairs & Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance minimises the chance of you vehicle breaking down and causing serious inconvenience to you as well as costing more in repairs. Many repairs can be prevented by keeping to the manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance intervals.

We have full computerised listings of all manufacturers’ service intervals and will advise you when additional maintenance is required, including timing belts, brakes and other routinely replaced components.

Should your vehicle suffer a breakdown, you can rest assured we can deal with everything from recovery to inspection and ultimately the final repair. We carry out repairs on all vehicle makes and our technicians have vast experience in dealing with all repairs - from the smallest job to the most major.

Whether your vehicle requires a simple check over, a major engine overhaul or a complicated engine management repair, we have the tools and the experience to cater for your needs.
In addition, some repairs can be carried out while you wait, including tyres, exhausts and brakes.



Fast Fit - Tyres - Brakes - Exhausts



We stock a large range of quality tyres and offer FREE fitting and scrap tyre disposal with all tyres we supply. Special order tyres are available for next day delivery - we can order any brand and size and all at very competitive prices.

We supply and fit brakes for all makes. Parts meet original manufacturers specifications and are either available from stock or from our local supplier network. This enables us to provide a While-U-Wait service if necessary. All work is guaranteed and prices start from just £49.

Exhausts are available for all makes from our large supplier network stock. Delivery and fitting can be arranged on a while-u-wait basis if required and exhausts are available with guarantees of up to 2 years. Prices are very competitive and we can easily beat Kwik-Fit prices. Please ask us for further details.



Computer Diagnostics

Today's vehicles have an on board computer, commonly known as an ECU (electronic control unit). 

In basic terms the engine ECU controls the running of the engine and is programmed to make tuning setting adjustments as and when is necessary. Over the years however, the ECU has become increasingly more complex and most electrical components now connect via an ECU. Even keys and immobilisers now have a transponder fitted to them, which has to be recognised by the ECU before enabling the engine to start up.

Other components have a separate ECU, such as airbag and ABS systems. The modern systems are very 'intelligent' and generally quite reliable, but can also cause annoying faults when malfunction occurs. These can be anything from the engine stalling, spluttering, or revving erratically, to the engine not starting at all. Normally a system malfunction warning light will illuminate on the dashboard instrument panel when a fault is present. The ECU also has a memory. This records any faults that have occurred over a period of time and remain in the memory for a set period of time or until a repairer has cleared them from the system.

When a fault is detected, the ECU will normally make adjustments to the engine tuning in order to safeguard the engine. This is a preventative measure until a repair is carried out. If left unrepaired, long term damage to components may result as well as high fuel consumption.

At JTF we specialise in the diagnosis and repair of these complex systems. We have the latest diagnostic equipment, which connects to the vehicle's ECU and is able to read the error codes saved in the ECU's memory. We are able to perform fault-finding procedures and repairs on most of today's vehicles and we are committed to providing facilities for all new systems manufactured.



Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is now fitted to many vehicles as standard.

We at JTF specialise in the service and repair of vehicle air conditioning systems. Investment in new equipment and staff training enables us to provide the complete service for all vehicle air conditioning systems.

Our fully trained technicians provide a service for all vehicles at competitive prices. In addition to all repairs, we offer our comprehensive AC System Check and our Full Service.

Air Conditioning Tips

  • Switch on your air-conditioning at least once a week for 10-15 minutes to circulate the oil and gas in the system, even in the winter. It helps prevent leakage of Freon gasses.

  • The system can be used in winter to clear misted windows, in conjunction with the heater.

  • Make sure you have anti-freeze in your vehicle cooling system all year round, or the cooling process may freeze your heater matrix.

  • An incorrectly adjusted air-conditioning system will in some circumstances use more fuel.

  • If your system is not working properly, contact us as soon as possible. Compressor failure could result in total immobilisation of the vehicle and can be expensive.

  • Water/condensation under the vehicle is a natural occurrence with a properly maintained vehicle with air-conditioning on days of high humidity.

  • A properly serviced system will successfully clear the vehicle of odours and pollen, cleaning and drying the air.

  • An annual service keeps the system at optimum efficiency, helps prevent system failure, and should reduce fuel consumption.

  • A qualified engineer should annually service air-conditioning systems.

Contact us for advice or to book an appointment.

Service Procedures

A standard recharge consists of draining down the system and measuring by weight the refrigerant removed.

 If the system is already empty, we will carry out a leak test in order to locate the leak.

Any refrigerant removed is then compared by the correct weight of gas for your vehicle - typically a car needs re-charging after 3 years and may have lost up to 40% of its charge through natural loss. This comparison helps us to differentiate between a potential leak and natural loss.

Once empty, we then pull a deep vacuum on the system for up to 30 minutes, this will reduce the air pressure inside the system to lower the boiling point of any moisture contamination, which is then boiled off. Moisture inside the a/c system is a common cause of poor system performance, and can cause major damage to the compressor, pipes and filter. The vacuum is also used as a further leak test.

Once the vacuum test has completed, special refrigerant oil is added to compensate for any lost during either the recovery process, or work carried out to the system. 
This oil is the most important part of the process. If the system oil is low, major damage can occur within the compressor.

Finally, the system is re-charged with refrigerant to the correct weight.

Once the re-charge is complete, the system is run and tested for vent temperate, refrigerant pressure, cooling fan operation and lastly a final leak check with a refrigerant detector.

As an additional service, ultra violet dye can be added to your system, this has an element of insurance.

Adding dye to the system

Air conditioning refrigerant is without smell or colour. If a small leak develops over time, it is very difficult and therefore costly to find.

When you have your vehicle a/c system recharged, we can add an ultra violet dye. The dye is a yellow/green colour and although visible to the naked eye, when an ultraviolet light is shone onto the dye it glows brightly, showing up even the smallest of leaks.

Once the dye has been added, it is in the system for good, no matter how many leaks you have, it will never need topping up, and it is a once only application.

Adding the dye is at additional cost, although it is included within the price of our A/C Full Service.

 Why does my air conditioning smell?

The air conditioning system in cars is very similar in many ways to your refrigerator at home. The evaporator part, which is in the dash, is a maze of small ducts for air to pass over. These ducts are cold and covered in condensation and just like a refrigerator, mould can grow inside. This mould smells bad, described as anything from musty, sweaty socks, to stale urine (sorry, but that’s what they say!).

Much research has been carried out on this subject, and the result is that the Bacteria are of the same family as leigionella, although by no means as deadly, it has been linked with eye infections, allergy conditions, colds and the like.

There are many treatments on the market, most are poured or sprayed into the heating vents, and they are very hit and miss, we use a much more efficient method. A special disinfectant is vaporised by ultrasound, the vapour is so fine, the result is a dry smoke, this smoke is drawn through the ventilation system using the car blower fan, the smoke permeates every nook and cranny killing bacteria.

This process takes around 40 minutes and is guaranteed for 1 year, if the smell returns within a year, we will retreat for free.

 Servicing your a/c system

A poorly maintained a/c system will use more fuel, wear out quicker, fail to demist the vehicle properly in the winter, and fail to work on those unbearably hot days when we really need to keep our cool.

If a system is empty, the natural conclusion is that somewhere in the system there is a leak. Natural loss generally results in a low gas level not a completely empty one.

If a repair is being carried out, we will fully service the a/c system once we have completed the necessary repair.

 All repairs are carried out using the most up to date procedures and we pride ourselves on our high standards of service and repair. All parts fitted are guaranteed for 12 months, and labour for 3 months, in both cases mileage is not limited.



Crash Repairs & Spraying

We have extensive experience in repairing paintwork and damage to bodywork.

Insurance work is undertaken and we can deal with the whole claims process on your behalf including liasing directly with Insurance Companies and Assessors. 

Estimates are prepared on site and are offered free of charge.



Collection - Delivery - Recovery

We understand that dropping your vehicle off to us can be difficult. Even when you can spare the time to get to us you are then stranded without transport.

We can take the problem out of your hands.

FREE collection and delivery is available from a wide area. We can collect and deliver from your home or workplace - please ask for full details (Conditions apply).

For out of hours 24 hour recovery, please contact our specialist contractor direct - LAR Traffic Services 020 8804 8800 and quote JTF




Customer Feedback & Achievements

3 times Finalists of the National Garage of the Year Awards.

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